WI trucker 20+yrs.otr exp. need a trucking job to get back on the road

by steven c. wilder
(milwaukee,wi. usa)

I have been driving otr for over 20yrs.from july/1989,but i have move around a lot in that time. It is hard to find out how a company will treat you until you work them.

With some companies,things were good for a while,then the work slows down,the miles dropped and my take home pay was from $100 to $200 a week or sometimes $0.i found myself living on $100 road avds.

For the other companies,it was home time,at that time all i needed was to be home when they said i would be when they hired me. i had to fight with the dispatchers every time just to get home after 2 or 3 weeks out.

I am a very good driver,i have a good driving record,no DWI or DUI,ever. no felonies,no criminal background at all.

I will be getting back my haz-mat endorsement within four weeks after i go back to work. Overall i love the trucking life,its all i want to do,if i did not have a wife and two kids,i would crazy enough to it for free.

I AM A TRUCKER FOR LIFE. I have been having problems finding work with every carrier ive applied to,they will not tell me whats on my dat report. some carriers are telling me that i don't have enough months in the last 3 yrs.others are saying i have had too many jobs in the last 10yrs.

What about my safe driving record over the last 23yrs.no DWI & DUI no speeding tickets for the last 3yrs, doesn't that mean anything.

I want to work again. I will give my best to any carrier that will have me. I am looking for regional or dedicated work, lease purchase or company leading to L/P thanks much.

steven c.wilder 50yrs old. cdl wi.

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Nov 18, 2011
anything possible NEW

you can go to the hireright.com and request your dac report and far as jobs you know how it is its a million companys one is gonna say yes keep applyin although it gets tire some but p.a.m was the best company i work for but the big names will take u also u know with no drivin in three years thing jb hunt or swift werner its millions of companys dont give up hope in your yahoo search in type in trucking jobs and you get a website that will allow you to apply for multipule companys with one application thats what u want and theyll call u instead of u call them i havent driven in 2 years and i got stuff on m records but i just got a job otr after 1 month of searchin dont give up hope

Sep 15, 2011
try werner?
by: Anonymous

We live in Rockford IL and my husband is driving for Werner Enterprises right now. He is new to the truck driving game and he drives midwest regional and is home every week for his reset. They pay on time he just didn't get the cpm he was told he was suppose to. When his truck isn't broke down they keep him rolling.(Emmissions problems hopefully fixed now!) To get back into the game I would think Werner would work for you if you can't find a job anywhere else. Then when you get the experience these other companies are wanting maybe you can get a different job. Thats what my hubby is doing. Hopefully only 6 more months to go and he can get a local job and be back home every night! My hubby has ran into guys from other companies and they don't get regular pay and have problems getting loads and then have problems with logs. He does hear good things about Crete, Schneider and Con-way. Hope it all works out for you.

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