truckers girlfriend/wife for 5 years allways feeling letdown

by Dee Rae

so me and my SO (who is the OTR trucker) rarely see each other these days due to us getting a second truck and a driver for it. also im working full time waitressing in a very busy resturant where i have alot on my shouders.

We havea 2 1/2 year old son who i feel like im raising as a single parent. we have been together for almost 5 years now and he was trucking when i met him so i should be used to it by now you would think!

Lately i just constantly feel let down, he says he will be home one night but then low and behold the load was delayed or canceled or there was a last min load he couldnt refuse or his dispatch begged him to take one so they dont take a hit canceling!!! ETC... but latly i feel me and my son are being left behind and im so overwhelmed with working full time taking care of our overly hyper son and taking care of our house!!!!!!

i know he works hard for us but in the mean time we are here alone and im so frazzled to the point when he does get home i have no desire to do anything!!!!!!

im so tired of doing everything for our son and working and taking are of the house that i get so mad at him when he dosn't come home when he says he will that im starting to resent him!! and i love him more then anything!!!

I dont want to feel this way i just dont know wha to do anymore!!!! any advice on keping the flames going when you never see eachother and are stressed??

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