Truck stop internet usage/browsing

by Cassie

I saw that my BF had logged in to the dating site we met on and if he was wanting to date other people if he time OTR or if he was messaging anyone.

He said no, that he had paid $2/hr fee to get into his email, but that it wouldn't let him on his yahoo or his banking site, that he could only get sports page and was bored and was able to log on that site.

I know what I think about all of what he said, but to give benefit of the doubt, was also wondering if there's any truth to limited websurfing in such a case.

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Sep 30, 2013
Internet NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you. I came pretty close to doing all of that except for the rules part. I told him exactly what I felt, thought and expected which was loyalty on all counts. That I'm doing it for him and expect he same ( or the truth about the other) He came in for home time this week and we talked even more about it. I felt a lot better after having talked face to face.
I think based on him saying something, that he is also probably waiting or expecting that I will be the one to step out and break things off with him. So far he's stepped up. Hear what I've said, and our communication is a lot better since he left home this last time.
You raise some good points about his regard for others feelings etc. Will be watching/listening for clues to that.

Sep 29, 2013
Surfing NEW
by: Hervy

Cassie, I think you have reason for concern. I think having a serious conversation with him about where the relationship is going would be a good idea.

At that point you might want to set boundaries. Both of you. What are the rules for the relationship? What is allowed or not.

The internet is at the root of many problems. People often think that browsing those sites and mingling is harmless.

They don't think about how easily things can go from one stage to the next. It's just in appropriate to surf those sites if you call yourself in a serious committed relationship.

Here is the number 1 way for any person to deal with this. Ask if it's ok for you to do the same thing.

What's ok for him, should be ok for you. What is ok for you, should be ok for him.

OR.......with some folks who are just dating, they both might say....we are not married. This is a legitimate argument as long as both people are on the same page about the relationship and what is expected of them by the partner.

My 2 cents. pick out what makes sense and discard the rest.

Best of luck.

By the way, what you don't want to do is ignore it and expect it to change for the better on it's own. more thing....take in to account the level of maturity and responsibility. That is an indication of level of self discipline and self governance which is important when in a relationship with someone.

Plus, generally, how concern is he about the feelings of others? That's telling also.

Sep 27, 2013
Truck stop internet NEW
by: Cassie

Thanks... I figured that part was true.
But wondering if it would it block certain websites and not others? I think he was browsing the dating site not just out of boredom because he couldn't get into the email or banking, but to look for company or someone to chat with on downtime...even though it doesn't seem like there would be much downtime for "dating" someone off that site before the next run. I asked him directly if that was what he was on there for and to just state it. I haven't known him to lie to me yet, but it just seems like such a lame explanation for why he'd logged on there.
This is new to me relationship wise ( the distance) and not sure what to think about whether we can make it work or not. This kinda felt like a blow to the gut after him only being out for 2 weeks

Sep 27, 2013
Internet at the truck stop NEW
by: Hervy

Cassie, it is true you can buy internet usage by the hour, day or unlimited at most of the truck stops.

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