truck driver in Dallas area need a job

by stacey rapley
(dallas texas)

I was charged with poss for 63 grams of powder because I didn't tell them who's drugs it was In Minnesota but i kept working. But when my kids moved to Texas i wanted to come and be with them and i haven't had any luck.

i have a strong work back ground in construction and trucking my last job I worked in the 35w bridge crash site, I dont no whats going on with this town that's the only think on my record.

what do I do? I am willing to do what ever it takes to feed my kids.

Since I moved hear I fill less of a man and none of the programs in Texas work reo none of it the fund allocated by Obama is a waste of time.

The workforce center is a joke at least the ones I visited are, the staff dont know anything.

This dont make sense.

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