the winter i'll never forget! (almost got into a fight for doing good)

by Justin McCall
(springfield,mo USA)

I was traveling east bound I-80 in Oregon head up cabbage mountain, i had my CB on and as i reached the top. i heard a voice come on the CB tell the east bound drivers to warn the west bound drivers not to start down the hill because in the twisted corners half way down the mountain has three jack knife semi-trucks and eight cars wrecked.

As i came up to the top of the hill,i begin to call out for the west bound drivers,

Most drivers today really don't understand what the real reason the CB is used for, In bad weather it helps drivers learn what is going on ahead of them, mostly road closer and stopped traffic, for years now, if a driver was to tell another drives he has a blown tire, the driver with the blown tire will come back and say something like "YOU DRIVE YOUR TRUCK AND I"LL DRIVE MINE".

As i begin to tell the drivers on the west bound,that they need to stop traffic at the top of the hill,because the highway is blocked by jack knife trucks and if they kept going they could be one too.

The driver on the west bound side came back to me,and said " how the hell would you know?" and "why don't you drive your truck and i"ll drive mine". So i pulled over and begin telling the trucks at the accident site to watch out we have a rookie driver that want's to kill himself.

Then the rookie came back with "pull over I'll show you a rookie"! I told him I'm the one on the East bound side with my flashers on. He begin to stop and another driver came on and said "really there is an accident down the hill?"

I said "yep and you"ll be on too, and you guys need to block off the road to stop the cars from going down too". so the rookie came back (on the CB)and said " I'm getting out of my truck and coming over to your truck". I said "come on over just make sure you are blocking the road with your truck."

then the drivers down the hill said "tell that rookie his a jerk for me, and if he wants to fight you then let him talk to me first,on your CB." then rookie came over and i climbed out of my truck and moving like i was going to knock him out.

He begin to size me up, and begin to say "look man i've had a lot of stories told to me, that wasn't true and i told myself the next guy was going to get it. I said 'I'm the next guy bring it!" or you can hear from the guys down there yourself?"

I opened my door and grabbed my mic. "How about the driver can you still hear me?" i have the rookie listening right now" the driver at the accident came on. "yep I'm here,and tell that rookie thanks for being a jerk and stopping his truck" i begin to tell him, his good up here and we have the lanes blocked and if he need us to make a phone call, we would."

The rookie told me "he was sorry,then thanked me." I asked him if he needed anything before i went on east bound to warn other drivers of stopped traffic head. then i asked the driver down the hill if they needed anything before I go on and warn others.

He came back with a Big thanks, but they are fine and no one is hurt,and cops are on their way. As i was getting ready to leave the rookie had already went back to his truck, he came on the CB,and said "hey man I'm really sorry for being a jerk,"

I just said "dude we are out here to help each other," that i know some just don't know what the CB is used for,and most new drivers was told never trust those on the CB and that's a sad issue when the real stuff needs to relayed.

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Good Deeds NEW
by: Rae-Dawn Brightman

I'm sure that's one winter the jerk driver will never forget either. You were doing a good deed already, letting oncoming traffic no of the situation, but managed to do another by teaching the rookie driver the real purpose of the CB Radio and the true spirit of trucking, to help one another out.

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