Stranded in Va

by dale
(rr 1 usa )

Seen a lot of things over the years. But what I am venting about is that I've been driver of 19 years got 47 job titles under my belt. But what really pisst me off is that where all human. But once behind that badge they think god oh mighty an can abuse the laws an badge to put innocent people behind bars.

As what about to say here thought it wouldn't happen, but it did.

I was a trainer for company teaching other drivers the ropes an how to become better driver an be smart about what they do behind the wheel. Was under load coming out of tx to pa an it was thanksgiving week.

Load came across the computer an it took up threw va so we could stop. So we go up in chesterfield va an didn't think of what was going to happen. I ask mr spencer if was ok park here for the night an shook on it.

Went had dinner with the student family. She stayed there at house an I went back to truck keep an eye on things an get good long nap. But that didn't work out long. That next morning got woke up by local police department an Iwas half asleep an they ask me did I see anybody told them no I didnt.

He ask to search the truck an I didn't have anything hide next thing I know he stoled pair of my student boots an framed us on crime that we didn't do. This is reall an truth an that morning by around 7 ish was arrested so was my student on false charges false arrest. An lost my truck an falsely terminated an I was becoming ic for the 2nd time. Then spent christmas in jail. An broke now an bail bounds here suck all there about is money.

Got out in jan pushing the court an everything back firing an lawyers not helping on bit. So got 3 other cases pending one on c.r. england an horizon truck sales an lease an equinox tax
company. They got 2 contracts read well plz. Any trainer gets to pay the student while being on the truck phase w trainer say got pay .12 cent mile to student an phase one trainers pay 61.40 aday while there on the truck. Got looking that's what I said read well because they can take fuel an other stuff leave u with no pay horizon taking out 14 cent mile plus truck payment as well plates insurence an there is 2 other hiddin chrges that they take out not show they are there to rob drivers an even company drivers as well. So read before u sign an nother thing about there contracts there fraudlent as what I mean not true contract because don't have ceo sig. Or sec. Sig. Or state seal on it to become a true contract which is bogas for them to get away with stealing pay from drivers an they don't make shit an few ic are way in the whole of 22,000. Dollars plus so beaware of england an there contracts I found 2 loop holes in there to make money on them an use it agasint them made one week 5 k. Which is not bad on them lol but the hit me good ont the other stuff rob me of my private stuff of what i had in there over 3 k worth stuff that they took an I can't find my stuff.

So becarefull of england trucking they will hurt you when your not looking. An now I am stranded here in va trucker borthers an sisters an if any one can help out with good lawyer an stuff to help me sue this county my email is need help an everytime I try see the light of hope some one tears it down then Iam back to square one plz help.

If you can never been married nor have kids. Would like find a good country gal but that never happen so that hope is gone. An haveing kids is gone done tring make something out something that never works out.

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