Single Illinois Dad with a CDL wanting a truck driving job.

by Antonio Stewart
(Zion Illinois)

I am a single dad with my cdl that have a
Few felonies. All non violent

Please help me find a job.

Response: Anthony, got to be honest with you man. There are a lot of people looking for jobs with a much cleaner record. On top of that, many trucking companies can hire with more than 1 felony if they wanted to.

So the reality is that you are facing a steep uphill battle.

If you have a chance at trucking it will likely be with a local carrier who needs a driver. That depending on what your felonies are.

So call around to get some feedback so you see the response based on your record. See if there are dock or driver helper jobs that you can get too.

This way IF they can hire you as a driver(insurance) they will actually consider you since you are already working at the company and they have history to judge your good character and attitude.

Often to rise above your situation it takes that added step.

Best of luck.


Oh, also check with Goodwill and local Workforce to see if they have programs available for people in your situation.

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