scaling your load

by ron

What's the rule of thumb to scaling your load?

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Feb 03, 2013
Another trick NEW
by: NickV

A fellow trucker told me this once and it puts moving your tandems that much more in perspective. Think of your tandems as to like a fulcrum point on a see saw. Depending on which way you move the block in the middle of the see saw predicts which side of the see saw will weigh more. Hope this helps

Feb 03, 2013
Best way to scale NEW
by: Anonymous

I always have my tandams in the 7 or 8 hole before liading. Then i goto a cat scale cause of their guarantee. i scale before fueling and i know each hole on my tandams is 250 to 300 pounds each. I keep my fifth wheel set right in the middle of my drives. This way all i have to do is slide my tandams to adjust weight on drives and tandams. But i always want more weight on drives so i can pull hills better.

Feb 03, 2013
When should you scale your load NEW
by: Hervy

Ron you should scale your load as soon as possible, it you have any doubts that you might be overweight on the axle or over gross.

Usually at shippers who load you heavy, they can tell where the closest public scale is or where there is company with whom they have an agreement so that you can use their scales to weigh.

They might charge.

If you are over gross, contact your dispatcher and ask for instructions.

Usually, they want you to go back to the company and have them remove some of the freight.

Hope this helps

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