Savannah area good worker planning ahead. Will need a trucking job come May

by Allen Pruitt
(Black Creek,Ga.U.S.A.)

Hello,I am currently working in the automotive repair industry.I have been a mechanic for the company that i work for for 18 years. Before that,I worked for another auto repair facility for 7 years. As you see, I don't change jobs very often.

I just recently got my CDL permit and applied for my TWIC(still waiting on that to come back). I am going to go to either a technical college or a truck driving school to get my training and my CDL.

Because of prior commitments I can't start school until mid April 2012.I am a hard worker. I like to drive and would like to finish my working career with a trucking company.

I figure I have to work another 20 years,so I'm looking for a job with good pay and retirement benefits.

I live just outside of Savannah,Ga. I would like a job close to home but I will take an OTR if that is what it takes to get a good paying job. I have been driving(cars)for over 40 years and NEVER had an accident that was my fault. I've only had one accident and that was when i was 19 years old(a lady pulled out in front of me).

So if you own or manage a trucking company,I know I would make a good driver to add to your team.

Thank You,

Allen Pruitt

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