Ride along: when is it time for their ride along to go home?!

by KP
(prefer not to say)

My wonderful boyfriend is a OTR trucker and he has a ride along... He said it would be only for the summer season but here it is, almost October...it wouldn't be so bad if the ride along found himself other accommodations when my trucker is home... But instead he stays at our place every time. He's been at other places MAYBE three times since May. My trucker pays him very well for every week. And he also pays for his ride alongs meals way more then he should considering the ride along is making 1g a week... He can buy his own meals etc. I've spoken to my trucker about the issue. He says his ride along is also a friend so it's hard for him to just "cut him loose." Here's where my issue comes in. His ride along is a grown man who knew this was supposed to only be for the summer. He should have started looking for employment for after the summer season.. Now my trucker is in the position of feeling guilty because his ride along has yet to say anything nor make any effort to look for employment for the off season. As a truckers lady, I am tired of having people in my home who don't pay for food or rent. And quite frankly, it'd be nice to sit in my undies with my trucker under a blanket on my couch in my home without having to consider that there is a non relative person in my home sleeping on the couch. What do truckers and truckers ladies do when this kind of thing happens? I may seem selfish but, I've had literally maybe 5 days total this past 5 months with my trucker without others around. And those days are not consecutive.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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