Retired Military Soldier Looking for OTR driving company

by Ken B
(Paris, TN, USA)

Currently attending CDL Training course and will have CDL around 15 December 2012. I have zero tickets and zero accidents on my 7 yr MVR.

I retired in 2007 from the US Air Force after honorably serving over 20 years. The bad; I now have a felony conviction (aggravated burglary) from 2010 from crooked police/legal system in Tennessee, nothing I can do about it right now.

But if I can find a company to hire me as a driver that is willing to take into consideration my entire life history (no drugs, no alcohol, no driving violations of any kind, no criminal history except the above mentioned item, career oriented background etc..). I would really appreciate it and won't let them down.

My home location is in Paris, TN.

Please e-mail me at
Paris Tn area truck driving jobs

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