ready to return to truck driving....

by brenda jennings
(carlisle sc )

hi ya name is Brenda Jennings..i went to truck driving school in 2000..i was on the road up until 2007 i have now been off the road for 4 years..

im now ready to return to one will touch me.. everyone wants me to take a refresher course..or the full course.

i was told refresher courses aren't guaranteed. these trucking schools are expensive..i know ..i paid in 2000..don't want to have to repeat that again..i already know how to drive..that hurts..what you have to go through to get back out..and even worse what you have to go through when you already know how to drive.

im friendly..clean..don't smoke.easy to get along with..hard runner..i don't mind running the north east. matter a factly..i prefer it..i posted a similar post the other day..only this one is more what it all means is..if someone reads this with a heart..please help me..i dont mean financially but..give me a chance to drive again..maybe a owner op.

i just need to drive again..i don't have all this money for these schools..the economy is terrible..and trucking is what i know..and what i want to yes im putting my word out here for someone too see.. here's my contact number...864- 429- 0892..

oh by the way i live in south carolina...ok truckers you all be safe out there..and god bless you....:)))

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