Not So Bad

by Melisa
(Sandusky Oh)

My fiance recently went into trucking. It was something he had always automatically said no to every time it would come up. I asked him again a few months ago, and he went to an inservice and decided he was going to do it.

He had an awesome instructor that outlined how it could be when my fiance was on the road. When I was growing up, my step father was in trucking and I remembered how difficult it could be for my mom when he was gone all the time.

Keeping that in mind when my fiance started school, I supported him all the way through it, emotionally and financially. We are slowly coing to terms with how to handle him being away.

I try to make his life as easy as possible while he is away. I pay the bills and take care of the kids(ages 6 and 12). I have a full time job myself and am studying to take state boards as an LPN, so I keep myself busy when he can't be around.

He calls when he can, and we use video chat on the computer. Sometimes it gets hard with me working third shift and we still go days without hearing each others voices.

We've been together for seven years, and life isn't what it was before he went into trucking, and it isn't always easy, but we have a lot of trust for each other, and still communicate. I always try to make sure I have something special when he comes home for the weekend, whether its his favorite meal, something for him, something for the road, or something special for all of us to do.

He takes time with the kids, and since I work every other weekend, he keeps busy with them on the weekend I work, and we spend my weekends off together, with the kids staying mostly at my moms, because we understand making time for everyone is important.

When he's home, I put the kids special events in the calendar on his phone, and set alarms so he remembers to call and wish them good luck or can call after and ask how it went.

Our lives are slowly getting to be better than they have ever been and without as much financial strain we get along better than we ever have.

My best advice to trucker wives is have patience, take care of the home front, and help your man remember what is important. Make sure he knows how much you love him.

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Jul 13, 2013
Not Worried
by: Melisa

It seems like so may are worried about cheating. I'm not. My fiance's ex wife cheated on him with his best friend. Its bothered him ever since. It is one of few things he absolutely not tolerate.

Jul 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

U know me and my husband have also been 7 yrs, I'd had so many times he cheated but to dumb love to believe his lies, we have 3 kids 13, 3, and one due n sept. I did all that, house missing nothing undone, make his favorite food and desert. I layed his clothes out daily for him to work n the morning, met him at the door for a kiss and I noticed the change.

He couldn't kiss no more cause of dip, straight to shower which always did at bed time , intimacy was out of the question. I no longer did it for him. The girl called me and told me they was and that I was just convenience, best of both worlds for him.

Even her telling me to go look n the bed n truck, all her shit was their and I still feel for lies, someone planted it trying to cause prob. I just couldn't face truth even as bad as he let her down me and he being so mean to.

He actually said first time was so quick like he blacked out so then after that she showed him she had all my info and black mailed him, he had no choice cause he knew he'd loose me. Oh,and it never felt good, and still same signs even today.

I can't take it no more and this pain and she was hot as hell so having his babies guess I'm fat ugly and and never could compete with a whore.

Jul 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am glad this is going so well for you! It takes a good woman to keep things going the way you 2 are and of course a good man!

I have done all that you have explained but unfortunately it doesn't always work out as planned my trucker got lazier and lazier the more I put into the relationship the worst he he wont even take out the trash just lays on the couch and takes care of his car the one he drives and sees only 48 times out of the year. No more going to the show no more going out to eat nothing all his extra money goes into that car...sad life

But I do know I got to do what I got to do for myself and I keep real busy until I find the right one and he finds someone who likes only taking care of themselves and their car his match made in heaven! LOL! I only hope it happens soon!!

Congratulation on making it a good life and keep up the good work!

From One ole strong broad! lol!

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