New to being the wife of a trucker

by Jennifer
(New Hartford, New York)

Our wedding day

Our wedding day

Me and my husband have been married for nine months now (got married July 9, 2011), we met three weeks before we got married.

I knew he was a trucker when I met him and I thought seeing that my dad and everyone else in my family were truckers I thought I would have no problems with him being gone, boy was I wrong.

I try to keep busy but I all do is keep thinking about worrying if he is okay. I get so lonely and bored I don't know what to do sometimes.

We have three children between us but only one lives with us. I don't really have a good support group here on the home front, his dad checks in on me everyday but not much more then that.

My mom just ask when he is going to be home again (I think she wants to be with him), but I don't feel like I have anyone to talk to except for a few trucker wives I have found from another site.

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