New port haulers

My wife retired from teaching and bought two day cabs. I sold my logging co and we started pulling containers a few weeks ago.

The Savannah port is very orderly and well laid out. Unloading and loading can take 45 min to 90 min in and out. We have had good experiences so far. Everyone has been very helpful and nice.

We run 23 miles one way loaded and usually bring back an empty for $135 round trip. We do two or three of these each per day. We also do a few yard to port in and outs for $70 round trip. These are about 4 miles including running around in the port. We do $2,000. per week or better after fuel and deductions with both trucks.

Many days we only put in 6 or 7 hours. We are very happy with the work. Takes 4 to 8 weeks to get twic card. We had no training, they just kinda pointed down the road and said have at it.

Took a bit to learn the ropes, but after just a few weeks we can walk the dog in and out of the port.

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Feb 28, 2017
by: Anonymous

How does someone get started in hauling containers in sc. Who do u contact?

Nov 08, 2014
update NEW
by: Anonymous

No expansion in our future. Two trucks are enough for us. We like a laid back work life.
The port has been great the last few days. Super quick turns most of the time. We did four in's and bobtails out each on Thursday in about three hours. Really nice when the crane is waiting for you every time.
Our main account has been slow the last few days but dispatch has found enough for us to do. We are still working towards a perfect fit, which we will find soon.

Oct 18, 2014
Making Money at the Ports NEW
by: Hervy

Sounds like you and the wife have made some great business decisions! Seems your are making good money for a reasonable days work.

I just talked to a few drivers last week who are going to the port in Va Beach area everyday and coming out to Greensboro. They do pretty good on money but hours at the port and much longer days than you guys are doing.

Hope that you continue to thrive. Do you plan on expanding with more trucks or will you just stay with the two Day cabs?

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