new girl

by betty ortner
(lübeck germany)

my name is Betty and me and my hubby live in Germany. so he is hauling all over Europe and gone for long periods of time.

I´m just looking for some people to talk to and ladies that can relate to our way of life. maybe give some advise how to handle some things since i´m fairly new to being away from my man.

It was his lifelong dream to become a trucker and well-what ever makes him happy-right? so now after 3 years of struggling to get all the papers he´s happily rolling in his semi.( for about a year now) sometimes i go with him-which is always great!!

but when he has to go to eastern Europe he will not take me with him-he says its too dangerous. So here i sit and the house gets lonely.

Maybe i can find some nice ladies here to while the time away with.

Please pardon my spelling if its not quite right-my English got a little rusty over the years in Germany. I´m originally from Ireland and used to life in California in the 80´s.

so hope to hear from you soon

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