my trucker my biker my man.

I have been with my boyfriend for 6 yrs on the road,but this month he took it hard or just don't understand that my family needs me for a little while at least a month.

He said angry ugly things to me, like he is not going to take me with him anymore,to do what I need to do or go get a job, go do what u used to do, and that our relationship is no good. But also that he will have me in his heart and will always love me.

Asked him does this mean its over? Should I move out? His response is I could stay and not to worry about the rent. It's hurts so much I have done a lot for since day one and for his family.

I am in love with this man he knows that. But still calls me just to know if his dogs are OK and his mother and father. I got used being with him on the road and I love it.

I tried to tell him that I still want to be with him I miss him so much can even concentrate on what I have to do? Don't want to go back as what I used to do working as bartender and waitress for many yrs. And feeling alone.

Been cheated twice in 2marriages and my 3rd marriage of 10yrs. My husband passed away 9/30/04 stayed single for 4yrs until I met a trucker and fell in love again, which I didn't want to do that ever again but it did.

So now I am afraid of being alone and confused. Just don't get it? Is he cheating? Or is it me?

That maybe he wants a new woman? He left his 1st marriage of 14 yrs. Then right away met another one stayed with her for 10 years as his girl friend and I guess he cheated on her,but she found out and his home away from him no children from her. And I guess I became the next one.

I am afraid that he will not come back, should I wait for him and trust him and he wont be with someone else? Help

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Jun 23, 2014
Your trucker? NEW
by: Anonymous

Follow your gut feeling on what to do! He does not sound stable! It is not you, it is him! Why is that? Because he is a trucker sweetheart & I find they change their attitudes in seconds & he sounds like he is a Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde. Now if I were you, I would most definitely leave him in a heartbeat & you don't want to be alone, well sometimes it is better to be alone & be happy than be with someone that makes you miserable & depressed! Only you & you alone can give yourself self-confidence & self-esteem in which it sounds like you need them both! Good luck in your future endeavors!

Jun 20, 2014
by: Anonymous

do what ya gotta do....ambivalence is a mother f---er isn't it?? sometime, somewhere, you will need to make up your mind...

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