my owner opp boyfriend is having the worst time with his company

my boyfriend has only been an owner opp for about a month. He started with roadrunner, but that did not have any jobs for him, now he's with Empire Trucking and he says he's spending more money on fuel than he is on the miles and loads hes doing.

So now he's thinking about staying for two more months and then finding other employment. I have been trying to give him some words of encouragement but it doesn't seem to be working. He did pretty well for his first two weeks with empire, but last week he spent all of his check on fuel and only received a few hundred dollars and he was out for four days.

And this week he's been out since Sunday and wont be back until tomorrow on Thursday but he is having an issue with his drive time. He's gps is telling him he still has hours but the dispatcher is telling him he's out of drive time for the week. So now he's in Oklahoma waiting it out until his drive time comes back in order for him to finish taking the load and come home.

Has anyone had any issues or good things with empire trucking? can anybody help me give him some encouraging words?

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Oct 29, 2015
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Oct 24, 2015
If you don't work... NEW
by: Anonymous

... maybe you can sign up to the load-boards and start finding good dispatch and good paying loads for him instead.

But coming home.....

Is NOT an option at this point.

Those truck payments are big, and all over the other expenses an OO incurs.

He has to have overhead... cash in the bank.

Sooner or later he wont be bitching about fuel anymore, he will be bitching about food..... or the lack thereof.

This industry... it's not for everyone.

He might have to cut his losses and walk. In this economy today, it is very tough for an OO unless he has some very strong financial backing, a very reputable company to work for, and a good business sense... Like a restaurant owner. Its tough, especially in those years that he's trying to make the truck payments.

Then you also have to ask, is he getting caught up in the "modification" side? Adding those drop-visors, changing pipes, stretching frames, etc. etc...??

Some guys love their trucks a little TOO much....

Oct 24, 2015
HOme Too Often?
by: Hervy

How often is he trying to come home? Also, is he coming home with a load or empty?

If you are buying or leasing a truck, 80% of the time, you can't go home weekly and make a decent pay check.

Now, that is generally speaking. It matters, where you live, where the company has freight and so forth.

Typically, staying out for 3 weeks at a time then coming in for a few days will work out a lot better for a decent paycheck.

Unless, the company has freight that takes him back and forth right by the house anyway. Still if he stops overnight each time he goes by the house he can't make money. Just the way it is.

Again, that is generally speaking. And I am assuming that might be going on. If what I am saying does not apply to your situation, just ignore it.

Hope things get better though,

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