Mount Joy, PA driver interested in part time driving job

by Vicky Noll
(Mount Joy, PA)

I have been a CDL truck driver since July of 1997. I currently drive a semi for a courier company 2 days a week and once a month with the army reserves but getting work with the courier is not always reliable nor have I made very much money driving for this particular company.

I am the mother of a 16 month old daughter which I am trying to balance time at home for her while at the same time maintain a reliable part-time income.

I am interested in driving two days a week but will be unavailable on weekends due to lack of childcare. There will be times I can work more than two days a week but not very often.

Should anyone find this situation to be of interest I will be available after July 24th due to USAR AT.
Some part time pa driving jobs are listed below. Must scroll to bottom

part time driving jobs Pa

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