MaturebTruck driving student needs tutoring

by Tim

Central FL


Please help me learn proficiency with the Easton 10-speed! The Wednesday after Labor Day (May 29, 2019) through the following Monday (June 3, 2019) I am looking for truck driving practice. I have that week off from vocational CDL school and need additional road practice. I need additional practice shifting Easton 10-speed manual transmissions. I am obviously willing to pay an owner/ operator for this privilege.

Although my basic driving skills are good, my shifting is not good under stressful road conditions. I need more practice time than my school can provide. I will spend the extra time and money to become proficient in this basic skill.

I am currently enrolled in a very good 8-week FL CDL program at a public vocational college with excellent instructors. I am in the 4th week of training. I am a man of in his 50's, in good physical/mental condition and of good moral character. I hold a valid FL "E" DL and valid FL CDL Learner's Permit (Learner's Permit is valid until August 2019.)

I have already passed (FL DOT computer system):

1.) CDL Pre-trip Inspection Test
2.) CDL Backing Maneuvers Test

Now I need to pass the CDL road test with flying colors to earn the respect of my instructors and classmates.

I am falling behind my classmates in the shifting and need additional practice time. I risk not being able to complete the course because the second half of the training involves road trips with students who have already earned a FL CDL. They go on trips around the state of FL, into GA, and certify that the students have a safe 1,000 miles experience. It is a very good program with top notch instructors, I just need more time in the seat than is available.

The instructors are frustrated that I am not progressing at the rate they demand. I am frustrated with myself. I just need more than the short amount of time allowed to get this complicated shifting skill mastered.

Thanks in advance to any trucker who wishes to help me.

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