I'm a wife of a trucker of many years .Have raised our children physically and mentally alone . We've had many hard times with trust and such and managed to work through it .

It's never easy. takes special kind to deal and to hold on.people ask me all the time " why and how have u dealt with it all this time , you deserve better" ?

Although we both had our shares of mistakes and trust me two wrongs don't make a right bc a man will throw that up in your face although he was the cause from the start but I'm a fighter and didn't and couldn't give up.we never really got to know one another bc all our married life he's been a trucker .

I've lived both ends. Home and out there with him .And ladies dont think just because he sits behind the wheel that he has it made bc it's honestly tough out there and tiresome .And STRESSFUL.they deal and see things that u couldn't imagine.

I ran across this site bc I need people with same things in common talk to.someone who understands me.

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