Looking For a Chance to Drive Trucks and Prove Myself

by zach chambers
(Metolius,Oregon )

3/05/2005 was a non violent, non alochol/drug and non vehicle related felony, was the first and only time i have been in trouble with the law.

I was given probation and have since completed it 3yrs ago and no jail time and i am currently in the expungment process to have this first time ever conviction wiped from my record so that way someone out there will give me a chance.

I am not a violent or a bad person and have been treated that way.

I was a dumb young kid who made a mistake and have been treated like i am the only person in the world who made a mistake by alot of trucking companies i have applied for.

I have a 2yr DOT medical card and a Class A CDL, and graduated with a 4.00 from a 3mo. 600 hr truckdriving school just looking for someone to give me a chance, even if its a small trucking company

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