Lonely....in a funk

by J


I've searched desperately for a place I can share thoughts. I hope that it goes no where else, like Facebook for all to see. This is between you all and me privately.

Anyways I woke up many times last night reaching over to his side of the bed. He wasn't there. Such a lonely feeling. This is the first time this in the last year that I've felt such dread and all alone.

I don't want him to stop and I don't want to go back to where we use to live. We moved here for the job.
About me.... After working 27 years at the same place I got burnt out and ended up retiring and getting a pension. So i have a lot of time on my hands.

I don't make friends easily but my neighbors have been real friendly and supportive.

I just don't know what do with myself anymore. It's never been this bad. I use to like when he goes away but it feels different for some reason.

Thank you for reading my poor me story. I just HAD to get it out. There's no one else to talk to.

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May 25, 2017
Join him
by: Anonymous

I don't know your specific situation but from the sounds of it you are mature and with that said maybe you could go with him or get your license and run teams for a good company.

There are many of husband and wife couples out there,and we could always use more mature and respectful drivers in the trucking industry. If that could be a possibility,you find the right company and you don't have to constantly run your but off you two could enjoy the time together.

There are companies out there where you can make a good living and not run yourselves ragged.also last thing good communication is key and you should let him know how you feel, just don't be over aggressive about it.

Trucking can be stressful and you don't want to add to that for him

May 25, 2017
No privacy
by: Hervy

Unfortunately the era of privacy is gone. Been gone. I erased your name and city. Anyone ready this could share it with Facebook. No way to stop that.

To your situation...I think you first start with steppng back and seeing the whole picture. What can u appreciate about it.

Hint: At least u are getting paid and u have free time.

Next thing work on becine better at making friends. (Personal development) And do it while seeking new friends.

Join interest groups locally. Take a class like yoga or a skill class. Also Toastmasterz and book clubs or a sport like tennis or ping pong or bowling

Find constructive activities to occupy sone of your free time.

Also make sure you and husband have diacussed a gae plan for the future.

Sorry i am rushing. Just got loaded and have to go. Good luck.

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