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(Dallas )

So ive been with my boyfriend for almost 4 yrs. When we first started dating he mentioned how he wanted to get back into trucking. I assumed it was on the road but no big deal.

I was happy to go buy him snacks and stuff to take with him and look forward to him coming home and missing me. About 5months later he started driving again but local in end dumps and tandums.

He always told me about about the dreams he has of owning his own end dumps so of course I supported his dream and he worked very hard and bought one actually he's in the process of buying the 2nd one. Which is great for him.

He works 12 to 15 hour days he leaves at 5 am come back around 8pm 6-7 days a week . My problem is our time together i'm not sure if i'm overreacting.

First it was we saw each other once or twice a week then it was every couple of weeks and that turned into a month. I'm all for supporting his dream and I understand what he's trying to do we talk on the phone all day everyday. Lately we've been talking about getting married.

He knows i'm patient and understanding of what he's trying to do I know he loves me I know he's not cheating on me. He's said before that he loves how patient I am and how I make him feel relaxed.

But i'm starting to feel unappreciated!

I don't know any other woman that would still be in this relationship when I need him he's there hands down but it's hard to feel lonely in a relationship.

I work and go to school full time . Am I losing my mind or is this normal

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Oct 10, 2016
Very good that you reached out
by: Hervy

I look forward to seeing different perspectives. Here is mine.

I can very easily see how this is frustrating. You have this idea of what a relationships is supposed to be and especially a marriage. What he wants for the future as far as you can tell does not match neatly with what you had envisioned for marriage life.

But based on what you said, he definitely does appreciate you and thinks he is letting you know that.

I will also say that this guy seems like a quality marriage material guy. He is open, communicates well and in his mind whether you feel like it or not is nurturing the relationship. (so many guys don't call that much or talk about the details of his moves and also open up about his feelings such as telling you that he see you being so patient, etc.)

So, I say, don't feel frustrated. And don't worry about holding him back. However, do let him know how you feel!

I say, let him know that you want to marry him but don't want to have a future of not seeing him. Find out if you can come up with a game plan of him being home more in a specific time frame.


The plan is in 5 years to have 3 trucks paid for, with quality drivers. Maybe he only drives one of the trucks when those drivers want home time.

Or maybe he only has 2 drivers. He drives the 3rd truck every other week.

Or just pay for the 1 truck, then find an awesome driver. Buy another truck, and pay for that. Then he drive only every other week.

If both trucks are paid for and he is making good money, that will be good money still and he is home twice as much with the ability to work more if it is needed.

So that is like an idea to propose and work together on. In other words, it seems that he cares enough to restructure the future in a way that works for you as well as him.

Explain to him why. If you have kids, you want him around to be an influence, you want to be together as a family etc.

I think a guy like him will value that as much as his desire to have a company because he can have both unless he is pig headed. Unless of course his dreams of family is different then yours. Thats an entirely different conversation.

If you both want to have a family then you probably can come together on a workable situation for the future which includes a variation of his 'dreams' of trucking.

He must be realistic that his dreams are His dreams and if he want to be in a relationships then he must also take into account that person's dreams.

Both people have to give and take with thm.

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