Lake Point Utah experienced driver Randy Browning

by Randy
(Lake Point, UT)

I drove from 85-89 when we drove under the old Chauffer A license to get through college. After a career as an engineer, I decided to get back into trucking for the independence.

My studies were independent, and passed everything for the Unrestricted A. Fortunately a friends trucking company allowed me to drive for a few weeks to prep for the practical skills test.

After passing, that company offered me a local driving position, but I would have to operate as a 1099 contractor without insurance, this due to my recent short driving tenure.

Another company gave me a skills test, and had me drive a 50 mile trip though the Salt Lake valley.

After passing the skills and safety tests I was again offered a job as a regular insured employee. When reading the contract it said I would not be insured for the first year, and would have to secure insurance on my own.

I'm looking for a reliable and honest company that would benefit from an always on time, mature, and responsible employee with an excellent work ethic. My driving record is clean, I am drug free, and follow the rules not only of the road but of my employer.

After 24 years in Utah I have more than stable roots, where my current residence is about 20 miles west of Salt Lake City. I've been in the martial arts since 1973, have my pilots license, spent 4 years in the USAF, have three kids in the USAF, with one married and on medical disability.

In the last couple months of driving I have operated day cabs, a double sleeper Freightliner, a cab over, 45' flatbed, and 53' van.

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Jun 28, 2017
How is the search going
by: Hervy

Was just wondering if you found a job yet Randy

Jun 08, 2017
CDL-A in Utah
by: Anonymous

Swift will hire you for sure.
Prime right there in Utah, but they're picky.

Jim Palmer Trucking is a good outfit and have the nicest trucks on the road.

Jun 08, 2017
Utah & no experience.
by: Anonymous

Try Craigslist; probably find something there.
Most companies will want a refresher course and some, like Schneider, will pay for it.
Some companies will re-train you. Contact them and ask if you qualify because many companies are bending their own hiring rules these days.
Jones Bros. Trucking - Missoula,Montana
Western Express - Nashville,TN
Titan Transfer - Shelbyville,TN
KKW Trucking - Fontana,CA
Freymiller - ask about "Restore Program"
James H. Clark & Son
Pride Transport

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