Kenner La driver

by Michael A. Campbell
(kenner La,)

Well in 2005 I was convicted of a vehicular homicide which a man made a left turn into the front of my box truck while exiting the express way.

I pulled my truck over. As I was getting out the man was looking at his car screaming. I said OK
and started . To pull Nextel phone I forgot that my truck didn't have a deposit
Box for cash so forgot that the days earnings was in my pocket from going to Wisconsin meat cook out which I had made pickup of 10,546.$ for the company I was working for.

It some how fell out of my pocket, he seen it and started to attack me so I ran to my truck and released the air brakes on my truck and began
to pull off. The man was hanging on the side of my truck with a box cutter so I popped my brakes on the truck and unfortunately he got caught under the wheels of the truck..............

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