keith soles i live in Granite Falls, NC 25yrs Experience Class A

by keith soles
(granite falls,nc)

ive been driving trucks for 25 years now and never had an accident or moving violation until 12/20/2009 when a Ryder super van pulled onto the interstate right in front of me and just stopped allowing me nowhere to go.

I hit him in the rear and drove off the road and totaled the company truck i was driving. I was not ticketed in the accident but because of this, no company right now will hire me.

I need a job with someone who will give me a chance to prove myself..I'm a very good driver with lots of experience and very hard worker who will get the job done..need a job,i have a family to take care of..just need a chance.

My number for serious inquires is 828-719-2004. I'm ready to go to work for you.

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