I just want truckin to go back the way it used to be

by Matt from MI.
(Grand Rapids,MI.)

I am 45 yrs. old and have been truckin since i was 15. i have done everything from straight truck to vans, reefers, double log-trains, tanks, OTR regional and local.

The last ten years i have been kicked in the teeth by every company i have worked for. I hurt my back in Sept. of 2012 and took 15 mos. off. Now trying to get back in the saddle i am getting the cold shoulder by the Govt.

I gained some weight in my time off and to go get my physical i am being told that Sleep Apnea is preventing me from attaining my med. card.

Now... I can get a sleep study done to prove that i do not have S.A. but that can cost up to 1400 dollars. And if im told that i do have S.A. it will cost A LOT more for the equip. to get it managed.

This is all a BUNCH of B.S. This med. examiner told me that i wouldn't know if i had S.A....... More B.S. This is just another way that the Govt and the DOT are gonna suck more money from us guys trying to make a living on the road and to deliver their groceries to the stores, so their fat buts can get their doughnuts and ice cream at a discount.

I have also had a Heart valve implant in 2007 and have been driving ever since. And now everyctime i go to get my med card i have to prove that im not going to die behind the wheel.

Dont get me wrong, I'm all for safety, but are you kidding me????? This med. examiner took one look at me, without weighing me or getting any actual facts about my health, he LABELS me with S.A. This doctor was in WAY worse shape than i am.

By The way I am 6'2" tall and i weigh 280 lbs. My neck size is 17 in. Now my med. card is only good for 3 mos. and the company i was going to go to work for wont even accept it.

I'm tellin ya man. I just want truckin to go back the way it used to be. BUT that will never happen. I applied to a co. that does local del. in a cargo van and was told i was overqualified for the position. WTF.

I guess they want some pimple pancake with no real life experience and no clue how to handle himself on the road.

Anyways Thank-You for listening to my RANT. I did not get NEARLY enough off my chest...But i do feel a bit better.

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