i can't do this anymore

by Ginny

I have been married for 17yrs . When we got married my husband was a local driver after 3 years he became an over the road driver we have 3 children I have raised by myself having to work more than full time.

When he started the pay was good the past 7 yrs his company has not been doing well his paychecks were less and less so I had to work more and more My children have basically raised themselves.I am lucky they are such wonderful children and never in trouble.

three years ago my the 15 yr old son came down with hypersomnia an illness where he cant stay awake He slept 18 hrs a day or more he was 5'9'' and 108 lbs because he could not stay awake to eat. Our insurance would not pay for the medicine he needed since this is a rare disease.

There is nothing in the formulary for it the medicine that would help him was $600 a month I bought it myself and fought the insurance company I also had to stop working extra shifts and and only work 8hrs a day.I tryed again for him to switch companies

There are companies by us that pay well. We went to a counselor who also told him for the benifit of the family he should change jobs.( He also brought home crabs not from me)I am to the point I cant do this any more.I loved him very much once.

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Feb 10, 2011
keep your head up
by: Anonymous

Hello can't takr it anymore I'm sorry to hear about your son but your husband is selfish I have been off the riad for 2 years to take care of my mother, sometimes we have to do what is right were our family is concern its easy out there knowing somone else is holdind down the house you lie to yourself claiming that you have to work but in reality you don't want to deal with the responsibility I commend you keep you head up and prayer helpsm

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