I am located in Oklahoma City ,Ok.my name is Andre Smith

by Andre Smith
(Oklahoma City,Ok)

Last year I was working for a company here in OKC. While I was their employee I was hit in the head and robbed. I was knocked unconscious. When I got back home I was sent to the company insurance Dr. and he would not let me get back in the truck because of high blood pressure due to the incident but the doctor did not admit that that was the cause.

He stated that until I could get my blood pressure under control I could not drive again. I told the company manager and he said that once I got it under control he would give me my job back a few months passed by and finally it was in control so i called and told him I was ready to come back to work ,he told me that they weren't doing any rehires.

I was in shock to think he would not give my job back. Please help me if you can there has been several companies that wont hire me because of DAC reports,please help me.

Andre Smith 405 - 305 - 0517

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