I am in Laredo, TX. Eliza Benitez

by Eliza
(Laredo, TX)

I am a fairly new truck driver and a safe driver having just over a year's experience. In October 2012 I began working with Werner and was rear ended at light in November 2012.

In January 2013 while making a left turn after getting clearance out of driveway an impatient driver drove right up on my trailer which caused me to have my first chargeable accident.

Then in February 2013 I had my 2nd, but 1st and really (my fault) accident while backing, I hit a low pole on right side of tractor I could not see. I was terminated for having 2 accidents in less than 45 days. Well with this on my DAC it set up to look like I am not a safe driver.

I have just relocated to Laredo and I Am my only source of income. I have been looking for a place (driving job), someone to drive for where I can be secure and stable. I pray you are the one.

If willing to give me a chance please email at elizadbenitez@yahoo.com. Thank you greatly.

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