How do you get yourself to relax knowing your husband is driving in god aweful weather/road conditions?

by Mel
(Chatham, Ontario, Canada)

Hi ladies, my husband is fairly new to the industry and I am just starting to experience the joys of him driving through snow storms, snow squalls, white out conditions and icy snow covered roads. He is a great driver and I have a ton of confidence in him to drive carefully but we all know its not just us on the roads that we need to worry about, and sometimes lets face it things happen beyond our control as even the best of drivers.

We are from Southwestern Ontario (Canada) so our Winters in this area can be pretty rough. I'm finding myself on pins and needles waiting with my phone in hand for him to call and check-in to let me know he has made it to his destination safely or has decided to pull off and wait for the storm to pass. Does this ever change or lessen as time goes by ladies?

Will I ever learn to relax and stop worrying about him on the road so much in bad conditions....sad part is winter is only just beginning and I will have months of this to adjust to......please tell me how you cope or make it through these nights when you know your husbands are out there trucking through the mess!

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