How do I clear a failed drug screening?

by Jesus Nieves
(Bronx, NY)

I made a bone headed mistake to smoke marijuana before going to a Truck Driving Training school. It was about forty days prior and I thought I was in the clear.

Driving is my life, I have invested at least 15 years of driving straight jobs. So, 2007 I obtained my class A. I soon found out that it was difficult to enter the industry, so, I went back to driving straight jobs until presently.

Driving a Trailer isn't just a job but a career for me. Enough, on March 2011 I went to CRST Trucking & failed the screening.

Yesterday, CR England recriuter said to me," Thank you for being up front with me,However, you will not qualify". This "Shattered" me deeply, Because I want to provide my three daughters with a decent income. I am tired with this low paying jobs.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. My personal
E-Mail is ( )

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Oct 15, 2019
SAP Program Members NEW
by: Anonymous

All hope is not lost. Keep your head high and keep reaching for what they tell you is impossible. I failed a drug test. Im still doing the whole SAP program thing and haven't failed a test since. I am back in my big truck doing big things.

If you have at least two years of verifiable experience and looking to get back on the road with decent pay, email LEE at

Sep 15, 2016
Failed drug test by: Billy NEW
by: Anonymously Honest

Billy, the trucking industry does not need judgemental comments. People make mistakes and marijuana is not a bad drug (nor other drugs) to call it a mistake at all and if you did you research on Marijuana, you will learn that it can do a lot of things other than get you high. I understand how people can be so judgemental, it's only because of the ignorance of the natural plant. One day the natural plant will change the world some day and the only reason it is illegal now, because the few who run the world do not want peace or harmony. One world order is the goal of those who actually run the entire world. So before we judge each other we need to remember that some random person or people created these standards and "laws" just to control us in a world full of judgements, which I am pretty sure wa not the purpose of life on earth.

Nov 07, 2015
Low lifes NEW
by: Anonymous

I have seen a lot of posts about failed drug screens people are truly crazy if the man or woman said they made bad decisions that is exactly what it was he is not asking for your personal opinions he is asking for help if u can't provide help keep your opinions to yourself it's a lot of truckers out there sniffing coke an shooting up herion it just don't stay n your system as long as pot...but wrecking your truck or being late to drop off an pick ups is about the same so you are telling me because u were late to deliver an load company put that on your DAC u don't deserve to drive again y'all need lives we are already grown if u don't have legal advice than don't advise anyone. Have it been me when u said something about taking care of my kids because he smoke pot it wouldn't b nice

Mar 16, 2015
Keep Your Head Up NEW
by: Anonymous

Same thing happen to me I have been to C.R. England and CRST and failed both test thinking I was in the clear on both test, but soon found out I failed both test. This hurt my heart because I am tired of low paying jobs and felt truck driving would be my way of starting a career and bettering my life. Don't worry because God is the only judge and when he says yes nobody can say no everybody looks down on me, but I have seen people who operate trucks drink and smoke all the time, but hey maybe its just not our time. Keep your head up and stay strong he may have something better for you.

Dec 20, 2011
Still Here NEW
by: The Bone Head

Just want to say that, am keeping my head straight and held high. It's painful to be judged. After the damage that I caused to myself and family, all I hope for is for the trucking industry to trust me. I'm absolutely aware of what's at stake. Simply put peoples "LIVES" are at stake. I take that to the heart. I respect all criticism, it makes you or it'll break you. To all drivers, God Bless & Safe Driving................

Dec 14, 2011
The Bone Head NEW
by: Jesus Nieves

To; Hervy, Billy & NickV
I would like to express my appreciation for commenting on "my failed drug screening". Your comments were heart felt, harsh and jugdemental. I felt I was stab in the chest. Especially, NickV's comments. Guys, I wasn't looking for sympathy or far-less scrutiny. I was simply seeking for insight to the extent of my "stupidity". However, with the exception of Hervy, getting "back on the horse" doesn't apply. Since my teenage years I've driven Trucks and Tractor Trailers. I had, back in those days, the responsibility to park the trucks and trailers for a gas company. Ever since, I knew driving is the path I'm choosing. You see guys, this was not just a phase but is the one thing I'm truly passionate about. I can honestly say, I'm skillful behind the wheel. Inconclusion, thank you and I'm going to continue to fight. Is the lease I can do for my Future.

Aug 26, 2011
Voodoo help for the needie
by: Doris pinto

I am Doris used every single spell worker on the internet, spent untold amounts of money and discovered they are all fakes...i was the fool though; doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In the end, I decided that I wanted a tarot reading to know what my future held for me; I contacted a woman who lives locally to me and she told me about a man named (priests meruja); he does not advertise on the internet, has another job for income, has no set prices, makes no false promises and refuses to help anyone that cannot be helped and even helps
for free sometimes, he will give you proof before taking money. He is a wonderful man and he was the only person who actually gave me real results. I really hope he doesn't mind me advertising his contact on the internet but I'm sure any help/ extra work will benefit him as He travel marriage,finance, job promotion ,lottery Voodoo,poker voodoo,golf Voodoo,Law & Court case Spells,money voodoo,weigh loss voodoo,any sicknesses voodoo,Trouble in marriage,it's all he does Hope this helps everyone that is in a desperate situation as I once was; I know how it feels to hold onto something and never have a chance to move on because of the false promises and then to feel trapped in wanting something

Aug 22, 2011
by: hervy

Lol, sorry the boys was so riff on you Jesus. If you read through it and their other posts, you'll know it was well intentioned show of love.

Tough love! But love.:-) and sometimes we need that little beatdown to help us out the next time to standup to temptation.

They are right you can't get rid of it man. Hopefully it was just a single event because if you do find a job best believe they are going to hit you with checks to make sure you are not an addict.

It's important we spread the message to our youth the consequences of partaking though. People I know and I am sure people you knw pretend its no big deal and it doesn't harm anyone (because its natural of course) but obviously it does, so I hope you will pass reality on to others especially your kids.

Soo many of our youth go down this path and find themselves struggling because they think to .partake is nothing but cool. They need to know the truth.

It has negative consequences. Period. Right or wrong for or not, those are the facts. I am only saying all this hoping you might correct others if you see them trying to pretend to youth their is no negative impact.

Sorry for the sermon.

Oh, like Billy said.....just try the smaller companies. Go to the trucking jobs for felons .page and try those companies too.

Aug 21, 2011
Failed drug test
by: Billy

The preceding post is correct. You cannot have the failed drug test removed from your Dac. Drug and alcohol information remain on your DAC report for Three Years. Your best bet would be to find a small company that hopefully does not check your past history. The best piece of advise would to be lay off the drugs and growup. Sorry to be so blunt but the trucking industry does not need you.

Aug 20, 2011
by: NickV

First off im gonna be as nice as I possibly can about this but its probably not gonna work cause this subject really gets me going. Dont tell us you wanted to provide for your daughters and your doing drugs first off. Second I hope everyone thats trying to get into trucking and doing drugs reads this post. No matter what drink you drink or pill you swallow or pickle juice you drink, I have heard em all, dont come to trucking if you have to do a intervention on yourself. This IS a career, one you can get in a matter of weeks, so why the hell are you going to risk it? When I would go to a terminal for repairs I would always get stuck in the shuttle van from the hotel with 3 or 4 guys goin home cause of failed drug tests. WHY! Let me tell you something, greyhounds are not fun, sleeping in hotels with strangers is not fun (companies bunk you, you dont get your own room), orientations are not fun. Why the hell would you even step out the front door to endure this hell for 5 days when you know your dirty or even think you are? Makes no sense. And NO, no company is going to hire you. Trust me if CR England turned you down your at the bottom of the barrell. That dirty UA is now on your background also so everytime someone runs your background its going to come up so you can not only kiss trucking goodbye but you have a big ol hickey on your background which everyone is running now. Failing a drug test is pretty serious I mean if you cant pass a drug test for training who is going to take you seriously? Bad mistake man and I hate to be the bad news bear but this is such a stupid mistake that could have been avoided with a little more time and a store bought drug test. Hope this is a lesson to everyone THINKING your clean. There is no second chances, no come back tomorrows, no drink some water and try again. You fail, you fail. Thats it. And it will put a big red flag on you no matter where you go. THINK. Im sorry if this comes off as harsh but its the truth and sometimes the truth hurts

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