How can I best serve my overworked driver?

by Kay

My husband drives local so he is home every night but it is direct from the farm...(different DOT drive time allowances) So his days are really 16 everyday not counting his commute.
5 or 6 days a week.

I want to keep a good line of communication and "togetherness" (you know what those quotation marks mean) with him; but we have kids,work and other parts of life, in general, in the way.

I can't find any good advice on the matter. Everything online and close friends say "oh sexting is a great thing" but for a driver it is not realistic. Nor does it do much for us when we can't partake in anything when he gets home (due to kids,sleep, dinner,etc.).

And my goal is to HONOR AND SERVE him in lots of different ways; not just the "hot and bothered" way. So I figured I would ask the people who are in the trenches with us!

I do try to keep the house clean, cook dinner/or pick something up for dinner, bring out/in the trash cans, handle the kid conferences and homework, etc. But I want to do some specific things for him. To show him that he isn't alone on those long days, and to build and maintain our solidarity.

What recommendations does everyone have?

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