Hey Tuesday

by Collin Barnette
(Visalia, CA)

While many people are turning to thoughts of Family and friends for Christmas, those of us at Truck driving school are pushing ourselves to get our skills to the next level. "Get er Dunn"

Today myself and two of my class mates passed our "Air Brake Certification". High fives all around. Now on to preforming the "Pre - Trip Inspection". Something like eighty things to remember and verbalize to the examiner. But, working together as a group and helping each other through the tough spots we know we will be successful and out working on those backing skills in no time at all.

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Dec 24, 2008
Try PTI'ing in the Snow!
by: Cynthia Mieske

Hey Collin!

I am a new truck school grad and have my CDL now. I have fond memories of our days out in yard playing with the school truck, and there's nothing like a day that has you 'shivering like a dog shittin' razorblades' to 'gettin' 'er dunn'. LOL.

If you do your pretrip like learning the lines to a play, you'll have it made: just remember, the examiner at the DOT, (or in Canada, the MTO), is human too, and they aren't there to fail you, but only to help you. So what, you forget to mention some aspect on one side of you tractor/trailer, as soon as you remember it on the other side, bring it up to the examiner, and carry on.

We only had 8 minutes to Pre-trip on our examination before doing the air brake and road test. Try pre-tripping your own personal vehicle for practice, and make sure to drink loads of beer - it becomes a lotta fun! LOL.

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