Help needed. I need more time with my future husband

by Nichole

My soon to be husband works 70 hours Monday through Friday, off Saturdays and Sundays. I am going to school to be a delivery nurse and I will eventually be working 3 12 hour days with 4 days off, which he fully supports.

We plan to have 4 kids one day, but my worry is when will we have time to raise a family? Family means so much to both of us. I worry I will feel alone and I will be raising our kids on my own and he will only be a weekend father and husband.

I am deeply in love with this man and he is in love with me also. He is doing this type of work to set up a retirement for his parents and to eventually support me and our children one day.

I just don't want to invest so much time into this when I have a gut feeling we won't have time to be with each other or for us both to raise our children together.

What should I do?

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