help! i am discussing going over the road with my fiancée...

by James Hermon

Ok so here goes ....I am discussing driving for a living with my fiancee and I m trying to explain to her its not the end of the world .... but , the reason for her disposition is because her father was a truck driver but was gone and did not take them, her and her sisters , with him on the road and he told her numerous times he wanted to give up his parental rights because of the arguments between her mother and him.... so how do get her to see that it's not the end of the world????

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Feb 13, 2015
Give her peace of mind
by: Hervy

Check out this page about giving her peace of mind about you being over the road

One of the things it talks about in the center of the page is having a plan for your career.

Big picture perspective questions to consider which are also discussed...

How long will you drive?
How will you transition out of trucking?
What are the goals?
What does a successful career look like?
What positive benefits does it provide to the family?

Other more practical elements of you being over the road and away from home from a big picture perspective is...

Home security (is the house set up for her to feel safe)
Financial security (For instance insurance if you get hurt )
and other things to consider such as dependability of the car that she has and what to do if it breaks down.

These things all make up part of the big picture of a new reality. Any combination of these things could contribute to her unease of you being gone. Talking about them and having a plan means providing a sense of comfort.

You are fortunate in that she can express exactly what she disliked about her father being a trucker (which she has) then you can determine how to lessen that issue with you being gone.

How often will you call? What type of trucking job is your ideal target job? You don't have to continue being over the road, get your experience and find an opportunity that allows you more free time.

Basically develop a plan together and the steps that will be taken to make it happen.

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