Im a 42 y.o short female and I haul const equipment locally. :-) We load and unload the equipment ourselves.

Ive hauled everything from little 135 excavators to the John Deere 450 at 160,000 plus lbs. Rollers, bulldozers, cranes and my least favorite, the CAT Road tillers which are monsters.

I back what others say, keep your cool. Oversee everything, double check your chains and boomers, know your route and trust that every moron on the road with you will dart in front of ypu, squeeze by you and slam on their brakes.

I always load equipment with the blades turned to stick out on my passenger side so I can hug the right lane. I will also take and block both lanes when going thru construction areas, forcing cars to stay behind me, keeping the construction workers safe and the other drivers.

You have to watch your weight, your width and your height! Sometimes you have to be careful on railroad tracks and hilly bumpy roads. Ive been hung up before and it scary!

Loading and unloading equipment can be a challenge at first. Side loading with those drops where you are staring at the sky while going off backwards is nervewracking at first.

:-). Keep your cool, just remember that running that equipment is no different than running your truck. Practice, patience and common sense. :-). Good luck!

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Oct 16, 2015
Interesing NEW
by: www.uk-writing-reviews.com

As for me trucking seems to be a very hard work. How are you doing it? This long road ours.

Oct 14, 2015
The Lady Heavy Hauler
by: Hervy

I always love seeing stories that challenge our common thoughts and judgement about people. Who does what and such....

Stories like this help others expand their own world not only in how they view others but how they move the limit on what they can themselves do.

Thanks for taking the time to share!

I was wondering how you got started trucking and how/why you got started hauling heavy?

Also how long were you driving big trucks before you started heavy hauling?

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