Have permit

by Jeffry Farr
(Huntsville, N Houston, T's USA)

Huntsville Tx.

Was hired by celadon trucking. Trained on an IH Eaton 10 speed. Up shifting, downshifting, observations very good. Passed pre-trip, air brakes. Can straight back, offset to the left from the right lane. Can even float the gears up shifting . On our training range I could blind side parallel park with no problem.

The DPS OFFICE in Laredo has a very difficult maneuvers testing area. It's a 29' wide concrete slightly curved road with straight road lines a 5ft retainer wall that butts up to the backside of the blindside parallel. The other side has a curb that the testers tell you it's ok to jump with telephone poles there.

What I tested on and what I trained on are not the same. I'm an experienced licensed 100 ton master captain in the Gulf oilfields. For some reason I couldn't parallel. I've heard other offices testing areas are nothing like this. Some don't require pre-trips. I'm ready to go. Just need a truck.

Celedon wants me back when I secure my cdl. I have my learners permit hard copy and medical card dated May 17, 2016. I need a tractor trailer to test
Jeffry Farr. jeffry1106@yahoo.com

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