Experience lady trucker Nikki from Ga seeking a trucking job

by Nikki

Hi my name is Nikki,I'm a 38 yr old unmarried female currently residing in Augusta Ga. I obtained my class A CDL in 2005 thru Power Star CDL Training in Fairfield Texas.

I drove OTR from 2005 until Nov.2007,at that point I took a break and began driving a dump truck for the county gov't. Now that I am seeking employment to drive Regional or dedicated,there's a problem.I'm in need of a refresher course,or a O/O to hire me so that I can get the experience that I need to get hired.

If you or someone that you know may be of any help please feel free to email me at NikkiMartin1974@aol.com

Thanks and Be safe! Nikki

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