Overcoming Challenges

We all face them. Some large, some small and some life changing. Sometimes we are directly responsible for the situations that we find ourselves in and sometimes it comes about indirectly. Sometimes we need to overcome challenges that seem to erupt from nowhere and for no reason.

Either way, we MUST find the attitude to deal with these challenges effectively or it will be easy for the life to throw us off course completely.

The further you get off course while dealing with these challenges the tougher it is to get it back together.

Here are some stories to help you zone in on the mindset and attitude to over your challenges and continue to enjoy life regardless of the pain or change in your life.
This is essential for your health and progress.

This job will create obstacles. They may come from home, work, officers, truck stops or even fellow drivers. None of it will compare to the stories below.

Don't Give Up - Change the way you see where you are

A CBS New Story about Brandon Morrocco, a young Army Vet who ran over a bomb in Iraq. A foundation of Faith keeps him positive, happy, anxious to achieve his goals and fulfilling his purpose on earth despite having lost 2 arms and a leg. If this doesn't inspire you to get off your but (I am standing right now, yep i got off of mine)and keep pushing on in spite of your challenges, I think you need to get offline and call a funeral director.

By the way notice how his positive attitude allowed him to attract a nice looking and kind hearted wife in the middle of going through all of this. Supposed he was bitter and depressed about his situation, you think she would have took the time to get to know him. Again the proof of how dramatic having a positive attitude will have in our lives. The difference is with everyone you deal with. The results are real.

Check Out HowThis Amazing Guy From India Adapts

Born deaf and with no arms, he will probably achieve as much in life as you and I together. Look at how he pushes forward following his passions regardless of how his situation is different from those around him. Simply amazing.

The Power of Healthy Relationships

Before I let you go, check this out. It shows to several things but two in particular that I want to point out.

1. The type of people you include as your friends will have an impact on your life. I you have friends that care about people and you are the type of person worth caring about you, you have uncommon support. Concern for others is what gives life meaning.

2. The power of having a strong positive relationships creates bonds deeper than people have yet to make a part of general discussion. It's not glamorous or newsworthy and it won't make drug companies rich so it's not given the attention it should.

I say again.....developing healthy relationships with positive people is what life is about. That type of bond with others is so strong and deep in that it can be a lifeline when all else fails.

Likewise though, since it is so deep and to the core of our being, going through life without forming strong relationships with good people will always leave a person experiencing a void and it leaves you open to trying to fill that void with material things, submission to immediate gratification, pursuit of feeling good (to imitate happiness) by suppressing reality with what ever works for the moment. (alcohol, drugs, sex, etc) which we all know eventually leads to destruction, sometimes fatally. How do you think people commit suicide?

No matter how much money a person has it can never replace relationships, yet people let money ruin their relationships everyday. Why yous guys get me started rambling, this shouldn't even be on this page, I will move it later, I have stuff to do right now. If you facing challenges, get support from your friends.

If you don't have some stand up friends, you might want to figure out why and make it happen.

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