Wind Chill Factor Causes Serious Problems to People and Property

by Hervy
(Grand Isle, Nebraska (Frozen in Time))

Wind Chill Factor

The windchill factor is what the temperature feels like to the skin which is cause by wind and is lower than the actually temperature. wind chill further explained

When trucking in the winter time, pay attention to the wind chill factor it can drop the feeling of the temperature 20 degrees or more from what the actual temperature is.

Here in Nebraska this week the temperature temperature has been in the single digits during the day with the wind chill factor registering up to -35 degrees Fahrenheit.

These temperatures can cause frostbite in less time than you realize first affecting the extremities of the body like ears, fingers, and your nose. Here's more about how windchill effects the body.

In such extreme temperatures it is necessary to take extra precautions for your vehicle also. Though it won't feel colder to objects because of the wind chill effect, objects such as the radiator, fuel, motor all will cool down much faster than normal.

I have been broke down several times this week due to the extreme cold weather and here are some tips to help avoid going through the same things.

Put additives in your air line to keep your moisture from building up in case your air dryer is not performing well and especially if you don't have an air dryer.

Make sure there is adequate anti freeze in your radiator. If you only have water or too much water. Not only are you not properly lubricating your parts like the water pump. You are subject to end up with a busted radiator.

Put anti-gel additives in your diesel fuel or your fuel may thick so much that if won't suck up from the tanks. Pour the additive in before filling up so it mixes well.

(at your own risk)Don't pull the trailer break when you park for long periods of time on flat surface if you can help it. The brakes on the trailer will freeze and you can't move. (use common sense)

When you idle for the night, bump the rpms up so the engine stays warmer and the lines going out to the air dryer don't freeze.

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Jan 10, 2010
Burr it's cold in Omaha.
by: Jimmy

I don't envy any one out there in this cold stuff. I remember -27 in Wisconsin and -23 in Pa. But, thats trucking for ya'. Get those additives in your tank for sure, (anti-gel) at about zero degrees. Jimmy

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