Will this company put abandonment on my record.

I was a trainer/operator and had a trip to TX. The guy on the truck got close to home and called family to pick him up. I was told that i didn't have to pay him because he abandoned the load.

Weeks went past and he had been calling CR Enland. He lied and said i drove almost 12 hrs on his time. I had only driven 10 hrs of my 11 and told them that. They took his word over mine as if i could really drive 22 hrs.

I was on my way home and they told me to leave the truck to the nearest truck stop and i would have to find a way home. Wouldn't even provide bus tickets.

It was payday and they said that money would have to be used to pay someone to pick up the truck. So I drove the truck close to where i live and told them to pick it up from there.

What can they do to me? Will it keep me from getting a job?

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Nov 22, 2012
With this company put abandonment on my record
by: xtrucker wes dog

The way they handled your particular situation. I'm guessing the relationship you had with the company was a bit sour in the first place.

Now as far as the training getting off the truck when he got close to home. I'm also guessing either you or him may have had personality issues and he wasn't happy with your training methods.

Maybe there was a few differences in opinion arguments. Whatever whatever the case at some point he decided screw this im bailing when I get close to home. I'm assuming he wasn't happy about not getting paid. That would explain why he lied and he probably throw in a little sarcasm to boot.

If the both of you were entering your HOS correctly that would prove them wrong. They must have evidence of a discrepancy in your HOS to side with him. That's the only thing they could have used to terminate you.

If you have no proof of what you say really happened. QUALCOMM messages log books you'll have a hard time disputing what he says. What can they do to you? They've done just about all they can do in their power.

They got the truck back. They docked your pay, which cover the cost of the fuel and picking the truck up is really nothing else they can do to you.

Having said that you drove the truck to a place they did not authorize they can and probably will charge you with either truck abandonment or truck abandoned in an unauthorized location which will show up on your dac record.

Most reputable big companies frown on that and most likely will not hire you what you can do is send for a copy of your dac record look at it.

Any information on it, you feel is incorrect, you may disputed. They provide a form with your record. You can fill out to dispute incorrect information. Start with that, because information like truck abandonment unauthorized location quitting under dispatch make it very difficult to get a job with any legitimate company.

You can go ahead and apply within a company you want and just be up front about what happened, they are some companies that do hire on a case-by-case basis involving truck abandonment.

It just depends on the circumstances of the abandonment, along with your record at that company. And you can always apply with companies that don't use the dac just leave off CR England in the job references section and account for that time with something else.

There are companies that will hire you. Drivers have been hired with worser things on their records. It just takes a little more persistence. If you put your name out on the website jiggy jobs they flood your mailbox with companies all over the place.

I'm certain that at least one of them will hire you, regardless the truck abandonment. I've seen guys do this before with much worse or records I've been there myself.

I'm a testament that you can do it. It just takes a little persistence good luck!

Nov 21, 2012
Paper trail is important
by: NickV

With technology these days your side of the story should be easily covered if one or both of you could be stretching the truth.

Log books, GPS, and Qualcomm messages can be traced back to find what the truth is. Each log has a number and bar code. You and your Co would have had to think into the future to fudge your logs to avoid this conflict.

Let this be a lesson to anyone reading this website. Any high end problems like this have your dispatcher talk to you through Qualcomm. This will get you out of trouble 100% of the time.

Even if you have a good relationship with them they are still human and want to keep their job like you do.

I would even go as far as calling the majority crooked. Get documentation on Qualcomm, this will save your behind in situations just like this one

Nov 21, 2012
Abandonment on your DAC
by: Hervy

They could put what they want on there. Will the do it is a question we can't answer. In a situation like this, I have been told more than once about it happening, mostly to relatively new drivers. Be sure to get a copy of your DAC Report.

What happens is the trucking company said that they didn't tell you to take the truck there. You did it on your own accord. The problem is that it is your word against theirs.

That's why I say on New driver tips and How to quit your job to make a record of such instructions. It may be a set up.

Will it affect you? If you get an abandonment yes. Even if you say that you were told to leave the truck there and you do have proof it could hurt you at some companies. Here is why.

Think about it. The first thing that company is going to ask or wonder is. Why would the company want him out of the truck so fast that they would say take it to the nearest place instead of bring you back in.

If you think about it, it is something like a bad divorce. If you are both good people who split for some reason, it's normally an amicable departure from the relationship.

However, if one or both has an attitude (or any other type of problem) it could cause the divorce to become ugly.

The company will wonder (or ask) what happened that made them want to relieve of your job and get out of the truck as soon as possible.

But right now you are speculating and I just telling you part of a story and theorizing on the other part.

At the end of the day, it has not happened yet so don't worry about what has not happened. However, do prepare for what could happen and how you would deal with it if it does.

The first thing you will want to do is apply to a few jobs and see how they respond and ask why you are not hired if you are not hired, then order a copy of your DAC report.

If you see these negative remarks, fill a dispute if it is not true.

Also, if you actually did have a good relationships with your dispatcher, see if you can get a letter of recommendation from him or her stating what type of driver you were. That will go a long way.

Best of luck.


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