Wildomar Ca new trucking school graduate

by Tom Schmoe
(Wildomar CA USA)

This is the truck I learned how to drive in.

This is the truck I learned how to drive in.

Just finished United Truck Driving School. I was top student, I understand I have a lot to learn but I am having a hard time finding a company that won't hold my past against me.

Looking for a owner operator to let me prove myself and make them proud.

I recently quit my job of 10 years to complete GED course and Truck Driving school. Finished GED course and trying to improve my family and our lives.

You can call my former employer, ask for Bruce or Keri 951-674-1922. Hoping to hear from you.

Thank you.

Tom. 951-244-1572 (HOME) 951-821-0577 (CELL)
Tom schmoe CA tomschmoe087@gmail.com
Riverside California area truck driving jobs

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Sep 03, 2016
tom schmoe NEW
by: Anonymous

tom killed himself today.. thank god..I hope the person driving the car in this accident is not to upset because they did society a favor... this guy's was a no good piece of shit.. he rode that motorcycle like an idiot every time he was on it..he was so high on meth from slamming it in his arm I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did.. he borrowed a 1000 dollar refrigerator from a friend of mine and sold it..he broke out the windows of another friend of mine automobile 2 times...it cost him 900 dollars to replace them each time...he just burned his wife's clothes and and pictures of her family going back generations..he had been robbing houses of people that had been out of town working..I'm talking trucks full of tools fire arms etc.. so font feel bad about him being dead....he was so drugged up he crashed his truck that he bought with the money his poor mom left him ...he had a trailer on the back of his truck with 4 cars on it when he crashed, totalling all vehicles including his truck and the people he was hauling for all got screwed because he had no driver license or insurance...he burned down a semi he was driving on the 210 Fwy.and all of the appliances it was loaded with ...
again at someone else's expense....like I said don't feel bad about this I am 100 percent sure it was not the driver of the cars fault..you did society a favor

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