WildHorse Gives Advice to drivers about taking care of home

by Joe

After being divorced before I went over the road,I have found the best of both worlds. I have a teenage son from my marriage and have custody.

Thank goodness he is a exceptional kid.

My girl friend is awesome and understanding most of the time as well. She has a younger teenage daughter that we also have custody of.

Together we have built a good stable home for the kids. I am a owner operator and she works a job just 20 miles from home. The kids get along and do well in school..

The key for us is trust and confidence. We have confidence in each others decision making and trust in each others plans for our future. I'm leased to a good small company who knows us by name.

Even on the road you have to let them know you are there for them. Take time to listen and never hang up mad. Get home when you can,leave the road on the road.

Take pride in yourself,your job,and the task at hand.

This is a simple way of saying.."Dont take anything to the house you didnt leave with!" Including debt,STDs,etc...

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May 03, 2010
Wildhorse Joe
by: Hervy

Thanks Wildhorse, that's good advice for taking care of home.

Great points. Congratulations on that family of yours too. Glad everything is working out for you. That's the type of situation I hope that every trucking(especially married truckers) is striving to achieve.

Finding the trucking job that fits well with your situation.

Being an owner operator makes it a little easier in most areas. So drivers, remember, the best part about being an owner operator is not that you will get rich but that there is more flexibility because since you are baring the expenses whoever you lease on too, or I should say, it's easier to find a company to lease on to that will let you run the way you want.

All you have to do is find one that works well for you situation.

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