why won't trucking companies hire felons thats current

by James Jackson
(Chatsworth, Ga )

Why do trucking companies hire a felon after 5 or 7 or 10 years and won't hire the current ones. They're the ones getting drug tested and owe fines and are good workers because they don't want to go to jail.

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Sep 01, 2010
why won't trucking companies hire felons just out
by: Hervy

James, I know what your saying man.

Fresh out trying to do right but no one will give you a chance.

That is one of the unfortunate realities. But someone will it just takes persistence.

As far as the companies side of things.....
they all have insurance. Insurance has different requirements. Some of those may be requiring a certain amount of time to pass before hiring a person with a certain number of felonis and it may also state what type of felonies they can be.

You have to remember too everyone wants to sue now a days. Because of this companies will be overly cautious just to cover their buts.

For instance.

You deliver household for a moving company to a home. In the home a diamond necklace is missing afterwards.

The people call the company ans say someone stole it. (She really misplaced it and forgot.)

You were the only one their. Now what. That woman's lawyer investigate and see's the employee that was sent has a criminal charge of breaking and entering or grand larceny or robbery.

What do you think will happen.

Doesn't matter that the driver is not guilty.

The lawyer can cause a problem. And depending on what other incidents that may have happened this could go on and on.

Some companies will give a driver the combination to a lock for the gate after hours. Yard full of equipment and freight. What happens if their is theft that night and the company knows his driver had a record of breaking and entering.

They are going to be stressed and worried in many cases wondering if their driver had anything to do with it.

So you see even when they can hire, sometimes they don't. It's just part of the price to pay man. I hate to say it but that is reality.

However, the best thing to do is make sure you let your positive attitude and personality shine in interviews and let them know the old you is not who you are now.

Walk in and call to companies that are not advertising for workers. You may catch them in need before putting the word out. This means that you don't have to compete with a lot of people responding to an ad for the job.

Remember let your attitude shine and don't get discourages. Every no is one step closer to a yes

Good luck James,

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