why do trucks speed past you on the highway at a high speed?

by jeremy
(new york)

Why is it that trucks will pass by you on the highway at high speeds?

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Apr 01, 2014
by: TruckerYitz

Ok so let's not ignore the fact that some truckers do speed and some even wreck least too .

I can lock the cruise control to the posted speed limit and have a trucker and car driver on my ass end just waiting for that break in traffic to be able to pass me .

So there are ba drivers out there that send the wrong info to the general public. As is evident by this loaded question "why do truck speed ?"

Now most of the big companies and all trucks that go to canada are go steen to not go faster then a set speed . (Funny that the canada governed speed is 105 kilometers but the posted speed on freeways is usually 100 ....
That equals 62 mph give or take a little for improper calculations on the governor .
So if one is on a road with a posted speed k less then 65 mph, and the roadway is four lane or more..... In a matter of time, some truck driver will pass you.
Now also one must know that the driver would like to get to where they need to go for the delivery or to get the load or to just plain be on a place to take govt mandated ret periods in a place with food and safety in mind and not on the corner of Main Street and third in your neighborhood.
So if you really want to know why some truckers speed.... Ask the govt and MADD and other organizations that have messed with driver hours and the effect of those rules. Prices on the shelves go up when it costs more to get stuff to those shelves.

Feb 11, 2014
Look at it this way...
by: Hervy

Why do people from the midwest skip breakfast?

(Jeremy, that's the same type of question you asked)

First, all trucks don't. For most, it impossible.

Second, your speed matters. (Are you driving the speed limit)

Third, just as many cars likely 'speed' by you too

Fourth, you would need to ask the driver of the specific truck to find out why that driver is passing you at the speed he/she is passing you.

Fifth, define the term 'speeding' by you. You shouldn't take all day to pass by someone.

So I will just end by saying, "We can't answer your question"

If there is a specific incident with more details, there may or may not be more info that we can share with you.

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