Why do truckers have a negative reputation

by Jimmy

You mean you don't know? Figure it out. They are way too big, way too slow, way too noisy, many are way too ugly, there's way too many of 'em, they bear down on the 4 wheelers and the drivers are really scarey. Thats the perception of non-truckers. It goes back to image.

Imagine what a born and bred New Yorker thinks when 'ol tex rolls in to Manhatten to unload and climbs down with his boots and cowboy hat! What most people don't understand is this country is made up of a diversity of people. We all have our opinions of course. Television and film depict all kinds of people. You may look like a scumbag, but could be just a hardworking guy. A trucker may head for the buffet line without washing up first. Thats a bad image.

With trucking, a lot is beyond our control. Does a livestock hauler(bullrack) want to park next to that chromed up Pete in the front row? Well, he needs to eat too. If I tarp a flatbed load and get pretty dirty and that load has to go, I won't have time to clean up before I go into the restaurant, BUT I can at least put on a clean t-shirt and wash my hands.

So, I say lets work on our image. Wash your truck, keep yourself clean, be courteous to everyone, on and off the road. And keep it clean on the c/b radio. No need whatsoever to cuss. We got kids out there.

One more thing directed to non-truckers that may be reading this. We want to get out of your way. Believe me, we are not sightseeing, we have somewhere to go and would like to be on our way. We fight the traffic all day long, maybe 600 miles worth, 6 or 7 days a week. In strange cities, with a long trailer to manuever. So bear with us.

And lastly, re: knights of the road, if we stopped for every vehicle siting on the shoulder, we would never get to our destination. Don't think we don't care, but understand the dangers involved. Creating a hazard is one, or putting our equipment in danger. We have to be careful, we may be hauling expensive freight also and we are responsible for the security of the load.

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Jan 10, 2009
A little more about stopping to help
by: Jimmy

Re; stopping to help. A lot of people stop on the shoulder for whatever reason. Some are broken down, some are looking at the map or who knows what. I'm talking about 4 wheelers and big trucks.
Some are even so close to the fog line, they are a hazard. Only occasionally will you see that person trying to wave someone down. I will gladly stop to help someone if I can, especially a senior citizen or kids. But I have to take into account my safety and my schedule. With todays high world, almost everyone has cell phones. Side note, get to an off ramp if possible to pull off. Oh and piss jugs can be emptied before being thrown out......Jimmy

Jan 10, 2009
Negative Reputation of Truck Drivers
by: Hervy

Very well stated.

Truckers have an image created by the first movies centered around truckers which of course featured them as renegades and outlaws.

Now combined with the continuous press by media which mostly highlights and dramatizes negative events involving truck or truckers.

Then you add the inconvenience we cause to the four wheelers being the simple fact that we are driving what we are driving. (Ahhh sorry four wheelers nothing we can do to shrink that thing down for you. lol)

And then you have the few truckers that make it easy for the four wheelers to never look at us differently than the negative image that comes easy already.

So you are very right, we must show the professionalism in our driving by being courteous and driving defensively. We all need to be more of aware of our image from the truck we are driving to the way that we drive it.

The driver who I saw dump that ash tray on the parking lot the other day, you need to shape up. I think you left quick cause you knew i was headed your way to speak to you. And when you see this you should call drivers out on it.

Whoever those drivers are that throw out the piss bottles on the ground, you need to grow up and get some respect for yourself and others. So do you clown who keeps pissing on the toilet seat, and well you know what else you do in the bathroom.

Our attitudes need to improve as does our desire to show who we really are.

For the most part law abiding, nation loving, genuinely concerned drivers who enjoy being on the open road keeping the country moving.

Providing happiness to every single person who goes to a place to shop expecting to see what they need or want in the stores when they get there.

I must admit, very seldom have I stopped for people on the side of the highway since I started back driving. Sometimes for the reason you mentioned and also because everyone has cell, satellite, AAA, TVC, Fleetnet (I am talking about cars and trucks) The need for assistance is hardly ever there like it used to be in the day.

Now a car on fire or even grass on fire needs obvious attention, both which I have stopped for and I know for a fact that others have stopped for. We are still knights of the road, it's just not as necessary as it used to be.

Also, like you said the game has changed, every person is not really broke down. (especially the pretty little lady with the short skirt:-)!). Be careful, keep your eyes open for anything unusual when you stop now a days. These are the games people play now.

Part of the job of officers is to check on broke down motorist now, it's safer and makes more sense. When it's obvious help is needed (blown out tire, senior citizen standing out) I've seen truckers stopped and that will always be the case; because that's who we really are.

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