Why do truckers cheat on their wives

by heartbroken

why do truck drivers cheat on their wives?Why do they want to tell you in an email or phone call so they can not see or feel how much it destroys they wife and family?And why can't drivers see they have an good wife at home just waiting for them to come home?

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Nov 03, 2014
Cheating Trucker NEW
by: Anonymous

My ex fiance was my first love 20 years ago and left me for no reason AND PREGNANT with the only child he would of had for a piece of ass . He had found me on facebook in 2010 and apologized and first I was hesitant, but I never really stopped loving him over the years. I had 2 kids from rlationship and my son adored him. We got a home together and he working at the same place for 12 years making 10.00 a hour. He got layed off, times were rough and I WORKED two jobs while he collected unemployment. He really didn't have many skills, but I knew he loved to drive. Stupid me I encouraged him to be a truck driver. I helped him study his pretrip, posttrip ,so he would pass his test. He did. I didn't know he would be gone a month at a time and be home only a couple of days. So he got a job trucking and at first he leased the truck and pain for fuel , only making the lease and fuel payment his first job, I had to put money in his account so he could eat. He would come home, I'd have roast , potatoes, etc waiting for him , even if he came home at 4am . Anyways, he finaaly quit that job, became a trainor and made really good money, I was soooo proud of him but did miss him greatly. I nagged him to get a local job and be home more. Long story short after 4 years and 1 week of living in a new house, he tells me he needs space. I ask is there someone else , he says no , we argue to much. I say we argue because I miss you and want to see you more, I'm planning our wedding and we had been engaged 3 years. I finaaly find out the girl he left me for 20 years ago has stsrted talking to him on facebook and now everything we had committed to was crap. We broke up in March 2014 and he married her in August 2014. I was one of the believers that not all truckers cheat , but they have so much opportunity and temptation wins. And no he was not the type of guy for lot lizards, but he did wind up with a complete low class ho though .

Oct 30, 2014
They ALL are tempted!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

my husband has been driving a truck for 7 yrs. His first yr, he tired to get another woman to "team" with him. The second year, he tried to get a girl to go over the road with him. His seventh yr, this past January 2014, in Gaston IN, at the Petro, the cashier, Tiffany Callahan, ...within in minutes of their conversation of fixing his truck, led to an affair. Slept together a few times at her place, and from there she swears he was in love with her. I found that he had created a different Facebook account and was sending her messages of how he was gonna move up there and all.
She was stupid to believe him, but then again she was Prego with another man's baby. my husband says its a married mans baby but then again he's a liar. who the hell knows! so ready to get my degree and leave his freaking ass!!!!!

Oct 29, 2014
Cheating Spouses NEW
by: JoeB

Why Does Your Spouse Sneak Away To Cheat On You Why Don’t They Be Truthful Maybe Theres A Way To Catch Them Out There With Out Them knowing…CHEATINGSPOUSES.INFO

Oct 05, 2014
honest truckers NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry your ass hole husband's do that..there is honest hard working truck drivers out here and those ones make us look bad and give the honest ones bad names

Oct 05, 2014
honest truckers NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry your ass hole husband's do that..there is honest hard working truck drivers out here and those ones make us look bad and give the honest ones bad names

Aug 22, 2014
too much time & too much money NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear anonymous
Sounds absolutely like my truck driver husband. Always checking out porn sites and goes at far as ordering girls from Craig's list. Found 2 prescriptions of medications for gonorrhea and chlamydia in his truck. Visits 2 motels in a day. Found all proof on his bank statements. All these takes place in Los Angeles (Fontana area). .Gambling seems to be another huge agenda on his mind yet he deprives us of groceries and household expenses. My God..I was in shock when I found out he spent such an expensive night in palm springs casino celebrating the other women's birthday. My husband has even performed pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia and yet commits sin. I have separated from him because of his cruelty on me and our 4 children. I am very lucky that he had stopped sleeping with me for months as he was getting kinky sex on the road. I would have ended up the STD as well

Jul 17, 2014
Why do men do this NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm seriously devastated I'm a single young mum and have been dating a trucker for 1 year now. He is such a nice guy bends over backwards for me and my son. However I've never had any reason to doubt him about cheating but I have just checked his history in his phone and it's all porn websites (ok he's a guy a get that) but one of the sites is for escorts and a dating site I'm in total shock at the moment and don't have a clue what to do or say I feel disgusted and stupid. I then googled truckers cheating on there wives and stumbled apon this site. I just don't understand why ? we have a very good sex life and not blowing my own trumpet but I'm a very good looking girl and so laid back I'm almost horizontal why would he do this to me I feel so hurt at this moment

Jun 09, 2014
they only cheat on dumb useless wives... NEW
by: the real ms p

They do cheat. I'm in a relationship with a man from nc who tells me all the time how his girlfriend is really just a place for him to hang his head and save money. How her mom and family nag him to give money. Ugh. She has a daughter by her stepfather and expects jc to be in the childs life. Not gonna happen. He loves me not you girl. He hasn't had sex with her in months and when they do she forces him he's told me and I believe him. I'm pregnant and soon he starts a new route so he can be closer to us, I hate when he goes to wake forest but I know he hasan image to upkeep with those people and he has a lil girl who he wants to be near but no once he has our house he will find other work.

Jan 17, 2014
Cheating truck drivers NEW
by: Anonymous

After my truck driving husband died after more than 45 years of marriage I discovered that he had been withsrawing large sums of money from his bank account. This was being spent on escorts and prostitutes and he was also accessing dating sites on our PC. I also found out that he had more than one mobile phone. I am completely devastated by my discovery and this has ruined my life. Very occasionally I felt a bit suspicious about some of his behaviour but he always gave me a plausible explanation. The advice I would give to any wife of a truck driver is don't leave anything to chance and question everything. It is too easy to cheat when you are on the road. Unfortunately I can't confront my late husband and now I am faced with a life of tablets and counselling and I will never know the full extent of what he did.

Oct 27, 2013
Cheating truckers
by: Anonymous

Review phone records with a fine tooth comb, see how frequently they call & how long the conversations are & when he comes home watch his behavior & trust your gut feeling!

Apr 27, 2013
by: Anonymous

Because there always gone and the whores are all over the truck stops

Jun 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Lets face it, if you are a trucker with wife at home, temptations are very high while on the road. First, there are all these women out there who once they figure you are a trucker, then all they see is dollar signs. Women tend to hold and wait for their men, sex to men is like a handshake. Watch the movie 'Frida'

May 02, 2011
Awe shit
by: Anonymous

My husbamd just started otr now yall got me scared there was so many sites about cheating truckers omg not cool i jus pray he dnt do our family like that

Jun 27, 2010
Yes, I believe they cheat!
by: Anonymous

I'm married to a guy who drives coast to coast. He's very "excited" when he gets home to me, but I have to admit I wonder sometimes what's going on when he's on one side of the country and I'm on the other. He drives as part of a team, and I think it depends on which driver he's with. If he's with a nice Christian copilot, then I think I'm pretty safe. If he's driving with a low down copilot, then I think he can be influenced. Doesn't speak very highly of him I must admit, that he's so easily influenced! To answer the question do I think most truckers cheat on their wives or girlfriends, I'm sorry to say that probably they do. Sex on the road is easily available, and nobody is looking!

May 14, 2010
Jennifer Strickland Would know huh.
by: Anonymous

Like you have room to talk Ms Strick

Oct 24, 2009
Women cheat on truckers too
by: Anonymous

Someone said that at school....Our wives will leave us (cheating happens by women too girls) I said I doubt mine will leave me, were both in 40s and I won't leave cus shes way too damn cute!

Oct 21, 2009
by: Jennifer S

I think I just answered this question.

It is not just drivers- its men, its women, its lawyers, bankers, waitresses, preachers. Its just horrible no matter who it is, and yes it destroy's families.

Unfortunately there are those drivers that cheat, but just as do husbands that do not leave over night for a living.

I understand your pain, you need to know for sure. If he is- Take him for EVERY DIME he is worth! Plain and simple, a cheater is a cheater.

Again though, it is not just drivers, it is humans period!

I do wish you the best


Oct 21, 2009
Ain't that a shame
by: Anonymous

Cheaters never win in a life of sin

Dirty low down rotten trashy no good so n so

Ain't worth my wasting time no mo, no mo, no mo

No body gonna treat me wrong unless I let'm

And the cheatin kind ain't gonna waste my time

No Mo, No Mo, No Mo

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