White line fever

by Johnny V.
(Rhode Island)

A few years ago I joined Pepsi Transport division, which in my opinion, is a gravy train till retirement.

Pin to pin baby, decent equipment, but the night shift to start off. To make a long story short, the 9 pm start and I couldn't get along and was involved in two accidents in one month, plus some personal problems closed the case. My MVR and DAC both were spotless until them, (no fault of their own).

There was another company also I drove for a very short time that killed my record but due to a malfunction in the truck.

So here I am out of work for a year and the itch is killing me!! The thought of changing careers went in one ear and out the other, I love it too much. I've talked to enough owner/operators through my 20 years driving and heard both sides of the coin; I need to be in MY truck rolling down the highway.

Please help!!

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